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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Liberal Leadership Website Review - Update 1 
(en francais)

I'm going to try and maintain an ongoing review and comment of each of the leadership candidate's websites.

I'll make note of any new features and improvements found, rate the freshness of content and highlight any significant errors.

Freshness Scale:
  1. Piping Hot! - less than 12 hours old
  2. Fresh - new within last 24 hours
  3. Day old - new within last 48 hours
  4. Stale - no new content for more than 48 hours
  5. Mouldy - no new content for more than 5 days
  6. Putrid - no new content for more than a week
(Note: Freshness relates to original content on site, not external links to MSM stories)

Carolyn Bennett - Fresh
Photo Website still lives as the default option. Standard site has a much improved entry page. Fast load and clean look. I missed an interactive feature in my initial review. 'Words of Encouragement' and 'View Testimonials' work as a tandem. You can submit your support for Carolyn and then view all the testimonials in a sequential order. Nice little feature as long as it's not allowed to get stale.

Maurizio Bevilacqua - still looking for a website

Scott Brison - Stale
Still stuck at the campaign launch. Two upcoming dates in the calendar. Still wondering what the price is for campaign information sold from one volunteer to another.
"Any information provided through this website is not disclosed or sold to anyone except employees of the Scott Brison Campaign who need the information to carry out their duties."

Stephane Dione - Putrid

Ken Dryden - not yet declared
Election website is gone now, new placeholder page in place.

Martha Hall Findlay
- Mouldy
Dangerous Credit Card Page still live. Page looks like an online donation page, but is actually nothing more than a form. Clicking submit launches your email program with all your personal and Credit Card information ready to be sent via unsecure email. One upcoming event listed on calendar

Michael Ignatieff - Piping Hot! (latest post on policy board from 7:34 am)
370 Posts in 46 Topics by 410 Members, and that doesn't include all those coming by to just look. Even if it's the opposition visiting, they're still visiting your site, seeing your policy and discussing/debating on your terms. What does it say about your campaign when your people spend more time on your opponents site than yours? Without the discussion forum, site content would rank as Mouldy.

Gerard Kennedy
- not yet declared.
Still looking for a website.

Bob Rae
- Campaign launched but website must be stuck in Committee.
"Call me Bob" (but don't call me slow off the mark). New placeholder page. Different colour and a dash of flash.

Joe Volpe
- Mouldy
RSS Feeds added (RSS 1.0 and ATOM), unfortunately, they're broken. Google Translate removed. Hopefully this feature will return, just better identified and displayed. Media Materials section added to Media Centre. We all realize that Joe likes to be larger than life (with the lunch bills as well) but is it really necessary for all the photos on the site to be the same way. The huge photos hide and distract from the site's content.

For a little bit of perspective, I'll offer up a website that I'm working on for the Windsor-Tecumseh EDA. If you're interested in joining the Conservative Party or Donating money to the EDA, I'll bet you can find a way to do it in under 3 seconds. You'll have to take my word that the site has interactive features as they are private, for EDA members only. I welcome all comments and critiques. That's how you improve.

Liberal Leadership Candidates Website Review
- Original Review
Rob Cottingham - another review on the various candidate's websites.

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