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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Policy not polling 
(en francais)

Pollsters should take note. This is no longer a Liberal 'whatever way the wind blows, govern by the polls' government.
Most Canadians like government's direction: poll
Updated Sat. Apr. 15 2006 7:20 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

However, the environment is one area where respondents are distinctly unhappy.

Sixty-three per cent said they thought the Conservatives were doing a poor job on the environment, and that was before news came out about Tory cuts to climate change programs.

Decima pollster Bruce Anderson told CP that Harper's Tories should take note. "It's important for them to position themselves as progressive advocates of environmental solutions domestically and internationally if they want to broaden their support base," Anderson said.
For a government that's been in power just under 3 months and with the budget yet to come, there certainly seems to be a lot of polling going on.

Makes you wonder if polling is starting to replace journalism. Makes for good fodder on the Sunday talk shows but what does it really accomplish?

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