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Friday, April 21, 2006

Toronto Star declares childcare a "right" of working women 
(en francais)

Can't say I'm surprised. The Toronto Star and their quest to impose a socialist utopia on everyone. The editorial headline screams that Harper is doing all the distorting in the child-care debate.

Editorial: Harper distorting child-care debate
Apr. 20, 2006. 01:00 AM

With the budget just weeks away, supporters of child-care centres must throw themselves and their dedication to their children into the battle to persuade Canadians that access to quality child care is not a frill, but a right of working women and, more significantly, their children.
* only "child-care centres" have supporters dedicated to children

* only "child-care centres" provide quality child care

* only women are responsible for childcare

The issue is not about day care, a term based on the clock. It's about the proper care of infants and toddlers by trained, supervised professionals.

Someone should tell my two nieces what poor care they received over the years from their untrained grandmother and unsupervised Aunts and Uncles. The result of years of such shocking care:

* one niece in 3rd year university, the other in advance stream subjects - Grade 11
* both speak two languages
* both have highly developed social skills (too developed if you ask my traditional leaning Italian brother-in-law)
* both have a passion for reading passed on by the entire family of untrained people, in spite of suffering through the whole language learning concept while attending elementary school
Do we, as a society, not have an obligation and a vested interest in ensuring the children who do not spend the days with their mothers get the kind of care that will help them become well-adjusted, creative, productive adults?
I don't know how I'm going to break the news to my nieces that they're doomed to be un-creative, mal-adjusted, unproductive burdens on society. I think I'll be gentle and hold off until after graduation.

Good thing this editorial came out when it did. I now have time to run out and let my brother know he should cease the three day a week daycare provided by my untrained, unsupervised amateur sister before untold harm befalls his children.

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