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Monday, April 17, 2006

Sheila Copps goes interactive 
(en francais)

The Toronto Sun and Sheila Copps have launched a new initiative - Sheila Copps: The Good Fight.

It's a combination of bi-weekly live webchats and weekly "Sheila Cam" webcam recordings by Sheila.
Love her or hate her – Sheila Copps has been a passionate voice for a progressive Canada since 1984 and now she’s online with her own Live Web Event, Sheila Copps: The Good Fight. Join Sheila online as she gives her opinions, takes your questions and delivers her feisty, pugnacious take on Canada’s political scene.
One interesting aspect of this feature is the ability to upload your own video rants.
You may also upload your video and send it to Sheila.
Allowable video formats: .avi .flv .mpg .mpeg .mp4 .swf .wmv (25mb Limit)
This brings a whole new dimension to the feature. Interactive features are a key aspect to drive traffic and this will certainly encourage many to take part. Rick Mercer has been doing his Photoshop contest for a while now and enjoys excellent participation.

Time to crank up the video cameras and webcams and have your say.

Here are Sheila's first two cams:


Welcome to the Good Fight

Congratulations to the Toronto Sun and Sheila Copps for giving this venture a try.

One minor note though. Surely the Sun can afford a decent streaming video camera and good quality microphone for Sheila. The current setup leaves much to be desired. While it gives the bit a homey authentic look, the quality really sucks.

WE Speak at 6:15 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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