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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Liberal Leadership Website Reviews - Email Test Results 
(en francais)

I expected poor results from this test but I must admit I was truly shocked by the lack of response.

None of the campaigns had any sort of auto-responder setup to verify receipt of my email. Eight of the eleven campaigns did not respond as of 6:00 am this morning and one campaign did not have any email address listed.

Congratulations to Marth Hall Findlay's team as the first team to respond, Hedy Fry's team as the second.

Using a Gmail address, youngliberalto@gmail.com, I sent the following email to every campaign on the 12th of May, beginning at 5:30 am: (Gerard Kennedy was subbed for Scott Brison in the email to the Brison campaign)

I have a friend who has been trying to get me to join Scott Brison's campaign but I wanted to check out the other campaigns first.

Specifically, where does each campaign stand on youth related issues such as post-secondary funding.

I'd appreciate any info that you could provide.


Shawn Brodie
I used the general info address listed for each site. If there was no info address, I then used whatever address was listed for communications. The following are the email addresses used and the response or lack of one.

communications@carolynbennett.ca - no reply

Maurizio Bevilacqua - no email address found on site. I could have used the Admin address from a Domain Name Search, but the purpose of the test was to mimic an average visitor.

info@scottbrison.ca - no reply

info@stephanedion.ca - no reply

outreach@kendryden.ca - no reply

info@marthahallfindlay.ca - reply from Youth Coordinator 13 May, 10:48am. Promise to forward to Policy Director.

pat@hedyfry.com - reply received 16 May, 5:59pm. Promise of further information to follow.

comments@michaelignatieff.ca - no reply

info@gerardkennedy.ca - no reply

info@bobrae.ca - no reply

contact@joevolpe.ca - no reply

Email communications are effective campaign tools, especially for campaigns on a tight budget. Autoresponders can be an effective first step in the communications chain. Include a 'failsafe' email address in your autorespond email.
Example: "If you do not receive a reply to this message within 48 hours, please forward your email to xyz@abc.com ." The 'xyz' email should be someone higher up in the campaign. If they begin receiving a flood of email, then obviously emails are going unanswered and the problem can be rectified.
I'll most likely be repeating this test later on in the campaign to see if any improvement has occurred.

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