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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Liberal MP organizing anti-Harper protest 
(en francais)

File this one under the 'devoid of any credibility' category.

Does anyone else find it interesting that an MP's office is calling Liberal supporters to arrange a protest? Seems like a rather partisan use of government resources.

Update: someone in the 905 should give the office a call first thing in the morning to obtain the 'protest' details.

Update 2: Khan is listed as a Joe Volpe supporter for the Liberal Leadership.
To all Mississauga Liberals, particularly those from Mississauga-Streetsville:

The office of the Mississauga-Streetsville MP, Wajid Khan, just called me to alert me that Stephen Harper will be appearing at the Delta Medowvale Hotel tomorrow (Friday May 12) to make an announcement regarding Immigration. The office wants as many Liberals as possible to go and protest against Harper's policies.

If you are interested in attending and need directions or more information please call Wajid Khan's office at (905) 812-1811. Make your voice heard and let Harper know we don't approve of his policies!

P.S. If you are not from Mississauga, but want to go to protest, feel free to do so. We need as many protesters there as possible!
Maybe Mr. Khan should speak with some of his Liberal colleagues about their performance on this file for the last 13 years:
* since the Paul Martin authored 'Red Book' in 1993 the Libeals have been promising to raise immigration to 1% of population or approximately 320,000 people. This promise has been repeated over and over, and consistently broken. (last years figure was approximately 260,000)

* The current immigration backlog is over 800,000 - years of waiting just to have an application processed.

* A $975.00 'Right of Landing Fee' was imposed by the Liberals in 1995.

* In April of 2003 the Auditor General reported that the government had "lost track" of 36,000 people awaiting deportation
The Conservative government of Stephen Harper has initiated immediate action instead of empty promises:
* immediately cut the landing fee to $490.00, with the goal of entirely eliminating the fee

* over the next two years provide $307 million to enhance immigration settlement programs and services

* taken steps to create a Canadian agency for assessment and recognition of foreign credentials.
All this in 13 weeks, unlike the 13 years of inaction by the previous Liberal government.

I checked Mr. Khan's website and could find no mention of this protest. I wonder if this is supposed to be one of those spontaneous, non-partisan protests Liberals are always pointing to. If this protest does come off, it should be interesting to see how the MSM reports it.

WE Speak at 11:51 p.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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