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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

For the record... 
(en francais)


Although I probably find myself disagreeing with Scott Tribe more often than agreeing with him, nothing I have ever seen or heard would lead me to believe this.

I have had several email exchanges with Scott. I respect his work in the blogsphere, both his efforts at Progressive Bloggers and his recent addition to the Canadian Blog Exchange.

As one of the more prolific contributors to CBE, I have never noticed a problem with any of my posts since Scott has begun moderating.

The last five posts to the Liberal Party: Criticism category -

23-05-06, 11:02 am

22-05-06, 2:47 pm

22-05-06, 1:29 am

20-05-06, 9:47 am

19-05-06, 9:52 am

CBE works by displaying the most recent posts and categories in order. It updates every 5 minutes. At this frequency (or lack of frequency), any post to this category would not be on the CBE page for long, if at all. Anything posted after it in a more popular category would bump the Criticism category off the page.

I have the CBE Current Posts feed loaded in my RSS Bandit reader, set to update every 15 minutes. I have reviewed the last several days of posts to the CBE in my RSS reader and do not see anything wrong.

Many would probably advise to simply ignore this, but unfortunately, it's becoming a regular thing. I love a good partisan scrap just as much as the next person, but this is beyond anything acceptable.

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