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Monday, May 01, 2006

What say those 'senior Conservative sources' ? 
(en francais)

Seems like not all the press is having the same difficulties as the Parliamentary Press Gallery.
Famous five follow-up: Tories plan new fall priorities with environment at top

OTTAWA (CP) - A clean air act to combat pollution and a package of new environmental protection measures will become the Conservative government's new top priority come the fall, say senior Conservative sources.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's inner circle is already piecing together the follow-up to their tightly focused spring agenda of five top priorities.

So far, the strategy of an easily explained policy checklist has been a successful one for Harper. The government believes it is on track to pass the Federal Accountability Act, cut the GST and give Canadian parents $1,200 a year for child care.

Anti-crime legislation and a wait-times guarantee for major medical procedures are expected to be checked off the list by early autumn.

The fall agenda won't necessarily have five components - even though the phrase "the next five" is circulating in Conservative circles - but a definite direction is taking shape.
It does make you wonder which reporters have spent the last several years developing sources and which ones were happy to be spoon fed by leak o' the day Martin PMO.

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