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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Conservative Resources - Update 
(en francais)

Conservative Resources - Complete List

MP Blog Tracker - Coming Soon - new tool by Stephen Taylor.

Add Canconv to your blog - Andrew has come up with some more improvements for his Canconv blogging resource. Take a few minutes and join the conversation.

Where is Paul Martin? - great little flash presentation on what Stephen Harper has been up to all summer, and what Paul Martin hasn't been doing. Get your "Where's Paul Martin?" button from Stephen Taylor.

Add the Tory Transit Calculatotor your blog/website - cut and paste code brought to you courtesy of Stephen Taylor.

JustBlogit - great little Firefox ad-on. Gives you right-click blogging capability. Has 5 custom spots available. I have one programmed so that I can easily add posts from peoples blogs who don't have a Canconv button added. Right click, copy permalink, Right Click - add To Canconv. Very easy to use.

Google News RSS Feeds
- use the power of Google to create custom RSS feeds. Helps you keep an eye on specific topics, keywords. For eg, I have created feeds for Harper, Martin and Layton, Conservative, Liberal and NDP. Helps catch some interesting articles, at times.

Conservative Wallpaper - three new wallpapers. Resolutions available: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 1400x1050

Videocast - http://www.conservative.ca/rss/mod/2900/2032

Radio Free CPC Podcast - http://www.conservative.ca/rss/mod/2726

BT Blogging Tips - a few simple tips for new Blogging Tories members

CPC Employment Opportunities - new section added to CPC site.

Add French Translation to Your Blog
- code available for Blogger and MT. If anyone has come up with the code for any other blogging platform - drop me a line.

Liberal's Kyoto Plan - worth looking over. The so called 'plan' is nothing more than hot air. Lots of fuzzy goals and targets.

Government of Canada RSS Feeds - stay up to date on the latest Liberal propaganda Government announcements.

If you have any other useful tools to share, drop me a line at bluebloggingsoapbox@gmail.com

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