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Friday, August 26, 2005

Jack Layton in pictures 
(en francais)

Last nights pictorial on Paul Martin was such fun, I thought it was only fair to produce one for my favourite Jack Pack leader - Jack Layton.

Official Picture
Oops - wrong picture (I think...?)

Music Man
"Hey, who let him in here!"

"Olivia would like me to ask you if I can borrow your wig - it's perfect!"

Makeover Pt II
"Gimme a break, it's laundry day. Besides, there's no microphones around."

Politicians and Head Coverings
"Hmm... I think Olivia's right, the wig was better"

Technical Difficulties
"I don't care about the lighting, just turn on the damn microphone."

Parliamentary Etiquette
"Honestly Mr Speaker, it's not my fault. Bill said 'pull my finger', so I did. That's it"

"Sign here, here and here. Pick up your lawn sign in the back and stay away from the microphone!"

Just sign here and Alexa can retire we can be finished for the day.

A Monumental Day in Canadian History
Jack Layton at a loss for words...

Jack Pack Training Session
"All together now - Yea. Very good everyone, we have to get this right, it's worth $4.6 billion"

The Real Deal
"OK everyone, just like we practiced. This is where is counts. Those nice Liberals have promised us a lot of money to get this right"

Excuse me...
"um... do you have a microphone?"

"Ahh - microphones, that's better!"

Dean Scream Revisited
"But Paul promised the money would start flowing right away?"

"That's more like it!"

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