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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Having fun tonight - Paul Martin in picutres 
(en francais)

Paul Martin's first day as Prime Minister
"...and to my good friend, Jean, I wish a long and happy retirement. "

Paul Martin on Adscam
"Nah, Nah, Nah, I'm not listening. I told you I don't want to hear that word 'Sponsorship', I might have to testify some day. "

I'm Mad as Hell!
I can't believe Alfonso got me into this mess!

Paul Martin - Meeting Average Canadians
"Where's the RCMP when you need them. That man looks shifty for some reason."

Paul Martin in Action!
"You can't make me make a decision, I WON'T !"

Paul Martin on the G-G
"Gee, and I thought I was a talking head. Who writes her stuff?"

Paul Martin on the Election Trail
"Just hurry up and take the damn picture, I've gotta go!"

"At least it's not a cheese factory"

"I feel funny!"

On youth and vigour...
"If Stephen can throw a football, so can I"
("That ambulance is standing by, right?")

On the Liberal Record of Government...
Now wait a minute, you didn't ACTUALLY think we were going to DO what we promised...Did you?

Come on, you can trust me!

Paul Martin - Election Day
" Shhh..., don't say anything. I've only voted twice and I promise not to do it again, really!"

Paul Martin the morning after the election...

"Why did I listen to that Herle?"

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