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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Minister Won't Back Down 
(en francais)

Some people just get hit by the stupid stick more often than others. I think International Trade Minister Jim Peterson has had a few extra turns.

Border comments defended
Trade minister says he was trying to create positive spin to help city's image

It appears the minister derived much of his information from an employee of the Ambassador Bridge -- a private company seeking to maintain its $50-million per year near-monopoly at the Windsor-Detroit crossing.

"I heard (bridge spokesman) Skip McMahon say the bridge is greatly improved," Peterson said. "I listened to him, but also other people."
On the other hand, I guess we still haven't learned all the necessary lessons from ADSCAM.

Our local MP's certainly stepped up to the plate:
MPs Brian Masse (NDP -- Windsor West) and Joe Comartin (NDP -- Windsor-Tecumseh) have demanded in a letter to Peterson that he retract his comments and apologize to local residents.

They charged the minister with "seriously damaging" momentum to get new border infrastructure in Windsor.
I guess they're hopin that when he reads the letter he gets a paper cut. That's about as effective as the Jack Pack gets here in Windsor and about all the influence they'll ever have.

Brian Masse and Joe Comartin squandered any opportunity to bring a resolution to this issue when they blindly followed Jack Pack leader Layton in propping up the tired old Liberal government. Only one of these NDP MPs would have been required to hold out their vote in the last session to force the government's hand on this issue.

Windsor got what it voted for in the last election - protesters instead of leaders.

WE Speak at 7:12 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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