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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

That's talking Conservative! 
(en francais)

Keep it coming guys!

Nice to see that even when they are talking about the Liberals or NDP that the party is getting the Conservative message in each and every time. Hopefully this continues. This is what Canadians have been waiting to hear. Let's keep giving it to them.

23 August 2005

TV ads highlight choice and opportunity

John Reynolds, Conservative National Campaign Co-Chair said today that the ads are based on issues important to Canadians. According to Reynolds, they show clearly that Harper has thought through solutions for these issues. “Unlike Paul Martin, who talks a lot but produces little more than phony rhetoric, Stephen Harper has ideas and plans for Canadians to discuss,” said Reynolds. “I think this is the choice Canadians are going to have before them as we head into the next parliamentary session.”

Solberg Challenges Liberals to Release Bank Merger Guidelines
23 August 2005

Conservatives release party position but wonder why the government is delaying again

OTTAWA – Official Opposition Finance Critic Monte Solberg released a letter today to Finance Minister Ralph Goodale outlining the Conservative Party’s position on bank mergers. He also questioned why the Liberals have been hiding, denying and delaying the release of bank merger guidelines.

Layton’s Smokescreen on Gas Prices Transparent: Duncan
22 August 2005

“In contrast to the NDP the Conservative Party has repeatedly proposed real relief on soaring gas prices by calling on the government to stop charging GST on top of gasoline excise taxes and to end the profiteering by the government during price spikes where for every 1-cent increase in gas prices per litre, federal revenues swell by $32-million per year,” said Duncan.

“In the next election there will be a clear choice between the environmental policies of the Conservative Party which believes economic growth can be positive for the environment and whose policies would harness human innovation and technology to address environmental challenges, and the policies of the NDP who see human activity and economic growth as the problem and whose policies would punish Canadian workers and consumers,” said Duncan.

WE Speak at 6:13 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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