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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Talking Conservative 
(en francais)

Just a general observation on a quiet Sunday night.

Good - Bad
Like Harper- Hate Harper-Indifferent
Policy Wonk-Organization freak

As much as I may rant on at times, I've noticed a general upswing in the discussion of things Conservative. Regardless of the subject, at least we're talking, debating, slagging and spamming on Conservative issues, ideas, events and policies. More MPs are blogging, more candidates are blogging and grassroots Conservatives are jumping on board. The growth at Blogging Tories has been great. (H/T to BT for leading the way).

While we may be the highly motivated minority, you'd be suprised what a few people can do.

Poll and pundits are only right if we allow them to be. I'm certainly not advocating ignoring the Liberals and the NDP, it's just good to hear people talking about Conservative ideas. To move forward we all need to reach out. The way to do that is keep talking, writing and blogging. Engage others outside your normal comfort zone. Stand up and talk Conservative - it works.

One person - one vote at a time.

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