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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Democracy Watch files complaint against Pettigrew 
(en francais)

H/T to Duff Conacher from Democracy Watch on calling Pierre Pettigrew to account. I certainly agree with his take on the situation.

Pettigrew subject of complaint (Subscriber Only)

CanWest News Service

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

OTTAWA - A government watchdog group plans to lodge a complaint with the federal ethics commissioner after learning Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew loaned his Paris apartment to a registered lobbyist.

In an interview Tuesday, Democracy Watch co-ordinator Duff Conacher called the situation "highly questionable," adding he would ask Bernard Shapiro to investigate further.

"(Pettigrew) isn't allowed to have even the appearance of an obligation to anyone who could benefit from his decisions," Conacher said, alleging this case doesn't pass scrutiny.

"You have to uphold the highest ethical standards to enhance the public's confidence in the impartiality, objectivity, and integrity of government," he added.

Pettigrew purchased the small apartment before he entered politics and listed it in his public declaration of assets filed with the ethics commissioner.

When a reporter visited the French abode recently, it was occupied by Martin-Pierre Pelletier, who was Pettigrew's senior policy adviser on softwood lumber and U.S.-Canada trade relations until this spring.

Pelletier now works for Ottawa firm Prospectus Associates, and his lobbying registration with Industry Canada indicates he is retained by the Quebec Forest Industry Council to lobby Pettigrew's department, among others.

Pettigrew spokesman Sebastien Theberge said the two men worked together for seven years and are personal friends, adding the apartment was used free of charge.
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