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Friday, September 09, 2005

"Never Forget" 
(en francais)

Andrew Anderson has started yet another worthwhile project - "Never Forget", a group blog dedicated to the men and women of Canada's armed services. Here's his explanation of the blog:

Welcome to "Never Forget", a group blog dedicated to the proud history of the Canadian Armed Forces and, more importantly, the men and women who have so bravely stood up for our country in times of need.

Every day Canadians lose something precious, something that cannot be replaced. With each new day more and more of our veterans pass away, and with them the go the memories of where they have been, what they have done, and why they have done it.

Canadian schools do not teach our children about our military history.... at least not in any meaningful way. Personally, I managed to graduate highschool with absolutely no knowledge of the amazing accomplishments of the Canadian military over the years - it simply was not taught. It has only been through private research have I been able to start to learn about all of the impressive feats that Canadian soldiers have accomplished. Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach leap immediately to mind - but we have been so many other places, and done so much more.

Every year on November 11th we are asked to remember the sacrifices that our soldiers have made for us over the years; but for members of the younger generations, like myself, there is nothing to remember... we were not around when the great wars were fought.

So instead we must learn - and that is where this blog comes in. We must learn about Canadians in the Boer War, the two World Wars, Korea, the Fenian Raids, and everywhere else our countrymen have fought.

Never Forget currently has seven contributors: myself, Damian Brooks, Bill, Paul, Larry, Skippy, and Publius. Others are welcome to join assuming they have an interest in Canadian Military History - send me an email if you are interested.

Over the next week I will be going through my own blog and cross-posting older articles to Never Forget - the other authors may or may not do the same. Going forward, some will choose to write unique posts here, while others will cross-post to their personal blogs as well.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and I hope that it plays some small part in preserving the proud history of the Canadian military.
Give everyone a few days to get the house in order and then stop in and learn about the proud history of Canada's fighting forces.

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