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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Three great feeds from Angus Reid Consultants 
(en francais)

For political junkies Angus Reid Consultants offers three great feeds. I particularly like the Democracy feed. It features an excellent background and synopsis of current elections happening throughout the world.

Our Polls & Research archive—the world’s largest free-access online public opinion database—includes surveys from every continent on topics that include approval ratings for heads of government, voting intention studies and reviews of public sentiment on a wide range of global issues. Our entries go beyond simply recording numbers and percentages. Each poll is located, translated if necessary, and accompanied by a brief analytic review.

Our Democracy database features the Election Tracker, a unique online publication that monitors democratic conditions around the world, by reviewing background information, assessing the latest campaign news and events, describing trends in voting intention, and reporting on the outcome of a particular ballot.

Our Trend Analysis section reviews shifts in worldwide public opinion, examines the effect of policy decisions on the electorate, and focuses on the upcoming challenges for leaders and parties.

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