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Thursday, November 24, 2005

2005 Blog Awards Voting Begins 
(en francais)

Below I've listed my choices for the awards. Agree/disagree - just go vote - often.

I've resolved to only post on this once, and see what happens. Besides, with the writ about to drop, there won't be any time to spare.

Best Blog
Bound By Gravity - widely respected and greatly missed.

Best Progressive Blog
Calgary Grit - always an provocative, interesting read.

Best Conservative Blog
A North American Patriot - a personal favourite. A gem I found at the bottom of the BT roll, before she became famous! :)

Best New Blog
Blue Blogging Soapbox - nothing wrong with a touch of vanity now and again.

Best Group Blog
The London Fog - a recent find for me, but a thoroughly good read.

Best Humour Blog
The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns - Rick Mercer's not bad, but I always like the underdog.

Best PhotoBlog - this is one category I'm not sure of. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never visited any of the blogs listed. Will work on that.

Best Culture Blog
Blogette - style and panache. Best disher in town.

Best Personal Blog
Postcards From The Mothership - honest and unassuming.

Best Media Blog
Inkless Wells - he makes me laugh, even when I'm pissed at what he's written (or not written, for that matter)

Best Business Blog
The Eclectic Econoclast - an economist with a sense of humour. A rare find. Careful - you might actually learn something by visiting. (Note - don't be confused when you visit, the blog was recently renamed "An Econoclectic Perspective". Say that 3 times fast)

Best Religious
Relapsed Catholic - a curiousity on my part, based on my upbringing and wandering over the years

Best Sports Blog
CanadianRules.ca - short and sweet, just the way I like my sports. Save the editorials for politics.

Best Blog Post
Small Dead Animals: I Concede - Kate, with a dash of sarcasm. (PS - you can access my bank account anytime Kate - problem is, the Liberals have already beat you to it. )

Best Blog Series
Calgary Grit - The Greatest Prime Minister - I loved this series, and the way it was presented. Generated plenty of snarling from all sides of the political spectrum. (Note: I voted for my own entry in this one for my first vote. I didn't want to get zero!)

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