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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Former PC Party President to run for Liberals 
(en francais)

Looks like the rumours are confirmed. Former PC Party of Canada President Bruck Easton brings his stunning electoral experience to the Liberal Party of Canada. The only person to ever make Joe Clark look like a winner.

Bruck Easton - Progressive Conservative.
1988 - 8453 votes
1997 - 4253 votes
1999 - 2074 votes
2000 - 1906 votes

Easton was always the "go to" guy for old-line PCs in the riding when no one else wished to run. Looks like he wants to maintain the tradition for his new, old, party.
(Easton was a Liberal until 1974)

Easton didn't get it then, and it seems like he still doesn't. He represents the last of the old line political hacks that Windsor parties used to churn out. Taking his pail and shovel with him, Easton left the PCs because he was left out of the merger talks and wasn't afforded the spotlight he felt he richly deserved. His defection to the Liberals and agreement to now run for them simply reinforces the rot still working it's way through the Liberal party. Entering the campaign now is his last ditch attempt to get what he believes is rightfully his. A fitting candidate to represent how little change really has occured in Paul Martin's "new" Liberal party.

Easton to carry Liberal banner against Comartin

Anne Jarvis
Windsor Star

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bruck Easton, a former national president of the Progressive Conservative party and four-time federal Tory candidate, will announce today that he will run for the Liberals in the federal election expected imminently.

"I'm not going to confirm or deny anything," Easton said Tuesday after calling a news conference for today. "I'll have some comments tomorrow," he said.

But a Liberal insider said Tuesday Easton will run against incumbent NDP MP Joe Comartin in Windsor-Tecumseh.

"Yes, absolutely," the source said. "He's thinking this is his last attempt. It's an uphill battle, but he's looking forward to it. He thinks he can get at some of Joe's support and appeal to some of the red Tories in the riding, those who may not be enamored of (Conservative party leader) Stephen Harper."

Easton's candidacy was confirmed at a riding association meeting last weekend, the source said.

Easton, a Windsor tax lawyer, grew up a Liberal. His father, Robert, and Paul Martin Sr. were law partners. But Easton left the Liberals in 1974, citing what he saw as the party's fiscal irresponsibility and Pierre Trudeau's wage and price controls.

Easton ran for the Tories in Windsor four times and was the party's national treasurer from 1999 to 2001 and president from 2001 to 2003, participating in talks to merge the former PC and Canadian Alliance parties.

But in the last election in June 2004, after 30 years as a Tory, Easton returned to the Liberals, standing on his front lawn and pounding in a campaign sign for candidate Rick Limoges, whom he had run against in the past. He said he could no longer follow the party's direction.

Welcome to the race Bruck. You've got a little bit of work ahead of you!

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