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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bruck Easton and B.A.D. Blogging 
(en francais)

Nice to see all my hard work finally paying off. Somebody over in Liberal-land finally figured out how to work a re-direct and mini-Bruck is no more. (we hope!)

On the other hand, looking at the site these days, I guess mini wasn't so bad. Obviously, no one has looked at the site in anything other than IE and the Events page - can you get any more different fonts or colours in one page?

Oh well, I guess we should just be happy someone finally figured out how to change some text or add a picture or two (literally).

I see the riding history still ends with Rick Limoges's Arthur Meighen stint in government, with not a mention of current incumbent Joe Comartin.

If we're REALLY lucky, someone at LPCO.ca will figure out how to hide the rest of the links on the site and make it look like the site actually originates in Windsor.

As of this writing, there are still 11 days and 3 hours left till the polls open, so we're hopefull!

Paul Synnott at 4:27 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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