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Friday, January 20, 2006

Buzz Hargrove unmasked 
(en francais)

H/T to Bourque and further to what Conservative Life has already posted on this issue.

Like many others I was both shocked and outraged at Buzz Hargrove's statements the other day. As we examine this issue further, I'm not surprised now that Buzz is campaigning with Paul Martin. They're two peas in a pod. Both will say anything, do anything and stop at nothing to further THEIR own agendas, regardless of the cost.

CAW Endorses the Bloc

You can download the pdf pamphlet endorsing the Bloc. I have put the text of the pamphlet through Google Translate. The translatin is rough, but more than enough to get the general idea. (if anyone can forward an exact translation, it would be appreciated)
From Google Translate

The TCA support the Block Québécois It is of tradition in the trade union of the Canadian Workers of the car (TCA-Quebec) to give an opinion publicly when significant stakes touch the population in general and the workers and the workers in particular. For the election of January 23, 2006, we will grant our support to the Québécois Block. Indeed, we believe that it is absolutely necessary to elect candidates and candidates resulting from a political party which has like concern to defend the interests of the workers. In Quebec, they are the representatives of the Block who are likely best to carry this question to the House of Commons. The presence of the Québécois Block in Ottawa is essential. The defense of the rights of the workers and the workers, that wants to also say to discuss the social stakes when it is needed. The durable development, the right to housing, universalization, health belong to a long list of social questions which require our detailed attention. It is continuously to bring our réfl exions on all these subjects, and to give an opinion, which we will manage to build a true solidarity. On its side, the Martin government did not do anything of signifi financial futures for the workers and the workers. Nothing to protect us in the event of bankruptcy, nor to counter the job losses due to universalization, anything for the unemployed, and enfi N nothing on imbalance fi scal. The liberals even diverted the billion dollars of the case of the assuranceemploi while refusing bonifi er the mode afi N to give to the workers and the workers what was owe them. In a word, the liberals of Paul Martin do not deserve to receive our support. Thus, I invite you to militate in favour of the Québécois Block and to put the efforts necessary afi N to make elect a very large majority of deputies bloquists.
Of particular note is the last paragraph where they attack Paul Martin and the Liberals for not doing anything about the same issues that Buzz was stumping for the Liberals in Strathroy yesterday.

So let me get this straight. Quebec Liberals must be different than Ontario Liberals as they are accused of diverting billions from unemployment, not protecting workers in bankruptcy proceedings and overall not deserving of CAW support. But those Ontario Liberals, they're gold. CAW stamp of approval, top notch, best of the bunch. But wait, only in those ridings where they are going to win, or it looks like they are going to win. Wherever it looks like the NDP is going to win, vote for them, except in Quebec and maybe Alberta (possibly Manitoba). Right, got it!

"Thus, I invite you to militate in favour of the Québécois Block and to put the efforts necessary afi N to make elect a very large majority of deputies bloquists."

Hargove has the nerve to accuse Stephen Harper of being a separatist. He would help give the BQ the moral victory of winning 50 + 1 % of the vote in Quebec rather than supporting a federalist party - even the NDP. The NDP and the CPC started off this campaign virtually tied in the polls in Quebec. The NDP is still wallowing in single digits while the CPC has presented themselves as a credible Federalist alternative.

It's fairly clear. Paul Martin is out to benefit the Liberals and only the Liberals. Buzz Hargrove is out to further the agenda of the CAW and ONLY the CAW. That's what he is elected for. To believe that Buzz Hargrove represents all Canadians is to put your faith in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus all rolled into one.

And people wonder why the NDP can't form a credible national alternative? With friends like the CAW, who needs enemies.

Paul Synnott at 3:36 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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