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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hargrove and the CAW spin 
(en francais)

Below is Buzz's news release, issued after he removed both feet from his mouth.

Here's the actual interview.

For some reason, the two just don't seem to match. What about the "secret society" crack relating to the NCC?

The next press releases should be apologies from both Buzz and Paul Martin. Because this election is all about Canadian values, right?

News release via Canada NewsWire, Toronto 416-863-9350

Attention News Editors:

Devolution of Federal Responsibilities Plays Into Separatists Hands,Hargrove Says

TORONTO, Jan. 18 /CNW/ - CAW president Buzz Hargrove at a campaign event in Strathroy, Ontario today outlined strong concerns with the future of federal programs and services under the potential leadership of a Stephen Harper Conservative government.

Hargrove said he recognizes that Harper is a federalist, but Hargrove emphasized that Harper is playing into the hands of the separatists because he would promote the loosening of federal institutions, programs and powers.

As an example, Hargrove pointed to the recent national child care agreements signed between Ottawa and the provinces to fund badly needed child care spaces. Harper has promised to cancel these agreements.

Today Prime Minister Paul Martin made a commitment to working people to put in place a guaranteed pension fund to ensure workers do not lose their pension due to the bankruptcy of their employer.

"Members of our union as well as all working Canadians must recognize that the Prime Minister has committed financial support for industries that are important to Canada and today he committed to the long term viability of Ford's St. Thomas, Ontario auto assembly plant," Hargrove said.

This is in contrast to the Conservatives who refuse to support Canada's important industries, Hargrove said. For example, Garth Turner, a Conservative candidate in the Oakville area, has said that government money invested in Ford's new flexible manufacturing plant in Oakville was a waste of money.

"Clearly the election of Harper's Conservatives would undermine the job security of union members, their families and communities," Hargrove said.

-0- 01/18/2006

/For further information: contact CAW Communications, John McClyment, (416) 495-3766 or Jim Paré, (416) 723-2224/

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