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Friday, January 20, 2006

Hey Buzz - a message from a former customer 
(en francais)

Rob from The Right Balance has a message for you, posted in this thread:
"Any CAW members out there here's my two cents. I't bounus time for me out here in Calgary and it was "a good year" now with some extra cash in my pocket and Conservatives going to give me a 1% GST break a hot new Dodge Charger was in the works. But then Buzz opened his mouth on his ALberta views. I went to the CAW website and the Charger is a CAW built vehicle. Well it's not going to be a Charger. Rule #1 never piss off the customer.
20 January, 2006 10:54"
I wonder how other Albertans feel about Buzz's babbling? For that matter, how about the Federalists in Quebec fighting for Canada? I'm sure they appreciate you and your union encouraging your members to vote for the Bloc. I think Rob has the right idea. Many will vote first with their ballot and second with their pocketbook. The first may just piss you off, but hopefully the second will get your attention for a change. Me - I doubt it.

Edit: Seems like some other people out west have the same idea - Vote with your money

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