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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Choice for Childcare Day - Success 
(en francais)

Congratulations to Sara for organizing the Choice for Childcare Day. At last count over 34 bloggers participated with a wide variety of posts on the issue. I don't have any hard data, but looking at the list of particpants tells me a large amount of Canadians at least read one post on the childcare issue yesterday. Links, trackbacks and emails helped extend the reach. Thanks to all that particpated.

Personally, I think it was a great exercise in voicing opinions on an issue. Reading through all the posts I came away with a lot of different perspectives, including some dissenting commenters. That's a good thing. Contrary to popular opinion, conservatives are open to new ideas and the only way to find them is to ask. Stephen and Craig have invested a lot of time and money to build the Blogging Tories and initiatives such as yesterdays show the value of their efforts.

I'm curious to see roughly what the readership was for the day. If all the participants could email me with their visit numbers for the day I would appreciate it. (or the average daily readers for your blog, whatever numbers you have) While the evidence is anecdotal, I would still like to get an idea of the reach of our message for the day.

Sara's effort is a good building block for other initiatives. Future blogbursts could include podcasts, videos, songs, Power Point and Flash presentations, all coordinated for the day. (to name a few things!) The internet is a powerful new media that conservatives can take advantage of to bypass the media filter. Now is the time to test out new ideas and methods.

Once again, thanks to all who participated and we look forward to seeing many more join in the next effort.

Paul Synnott at 4:39 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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