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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Forms anyone? 
(en francais)

With the Liberal Party set to launch their Leadership race it looks like the battle of the membership forms will continue. Although they've expanded access to the forms, the process is still convoluted and ridiculous.

Can you imagine the time, money and manpower alone required to track 'authorized' membership forms?

Should be interesting to see how long it takes the Liberal Party to get an online membership working. It's 2006 and you still have to go begging to join the Liberal party.

While the Liberals are off counting their forms and checking their opponents forms to ensure there are no counterfeits, why not take advantage of the time available.

With over 200,000 members at last report, the Conservative Party can continue their efforts at expanding their base.

You can sign up online - it only takes a few minutes.

A membership form is available for download here. (no special status or access required - just point and click!)

What better answer to the Liberal Leadership hype than an announcement by the CPC that an additional 75 to 100 thousand people had joined the party. With 308 EDAs and a probable average of 25 directors per EDA, this should be an achievable goal.

Set a personal goal and go for it. I've set mine at 10 and sold my first membership yesterday.

Time's a wasting!

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