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Sunday, April 16, 2006

A proud day for Afghani forces 
(en francais)

This represents a significant step forward for Afghani police and military forces. On their own initiative, the Afghanis planned and executed the recent operations in and around the town of Sangisar. While the Canadians assisted the Afghan forces near the end of the assault, the brunt of the attack and the casualties was borne by the Afghans.

This demonstrates a growing confidence and competence on the part of the Afghan forces.

A salute to the brave Afghanis who have paid the ultimate price in the fight to reclaim their country.
`Brave' attack frustrates Canadian
Afghanistan | Post-mortem on firefight indicates that going it alone likely meant higher casualties for Afghan forces. By Rosie DiManno
Apr. 16, 2006. 01:00 AM

"It was a difficult struggle for Afghan National Police forces and their leadership," a subdued Lt.-Col. Ian Hope, battalion group commander, said last night.

Earlier, the Kandahar governor declared that 41 Taliban were killed in a fight that migrated along a flat-terrain highway but was waged most intensely in a cluster of villages around Sangisar — the one-time spiritual headquarters of fugitive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar — about 40 kilometres southwest of Kandahar city.

"Acting on intelligence reports that Taliban have gathered in Sangisar to plan an attack in Kandahar, we launched this operation Friday and the fighting continued from morning to evening," Khalid told a news conference.

Hope could not confirm the number of Taliban killed but took no issue with the figure.

His men gave first aid to two injured Afghan police officers at the scene and arranged for them to be airlifted by helicopter to the multinational hospital at Kandahar Airfield.

The Canadian commander — who came upon the scene with his tactical headquarter unit just as attack helicopters had delivered strikes against a labyrinthine compound into which scores of Taliban fighters had fled — praised the willingness of the Afghans to take the fight to their enemy, pointing out that their forces have faced repeated deadly assaults over the past month.

"It shows an awful lot of grit and determination ... to take the fight to the Taliban when required.

"They actually organized this operation. They planned it, they executed it and they called us for support late in the game.

"I applaud their bravery — they're very, very brave — and their determination not to put up with these continuing attacks from the Taliban."

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