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Monday, May 08, 2006

Best Liberal "source" quote of the week 
(en francais)

As well as the best quote from a Liberal MP.

From a Hill Times article:
Libs in no hurry to bring down Harper's government
Federal Liberals say they will vote against Prime Minister Harper's budget, but no one seriously wants to defeat the Conservatives before the next Grit convention.

Meanwhile, another Liberal source told The Hill Times that under the current circumstances, it's unlikely that the Liberals will win the next election because of their low popularity in Quebec. According to a CROP poll released last week, federal Conservatives surprisingly surpassed the Bloc.

According to the poll conducted for La Presse and released last week, Conservatives were leading with 34 per cent of support from Quebecers, followed by the Bloc who had the support of 31 per cent of Quebecers and Liberals had the support from only 15 per cent of Quebecers.

The source said Liberals, at this time, seem to be relying on the strategy to wait for the Conservatives to make some gaffes, which the Liberal said, won't win them the next election.

"People [Liberals] are deluding themselves. If they think that the Tories will trip up and that we'll form the government next year, it's possible, nothing is impossible, but my God, you think the Tories are going to fuck it up that badly, that Canadians will not want to give them another chance, I can't see that, I can't see that. I am convinced we're out for four to six years, that's my opinion, I may be wrong but we'll see," said the source.

"We've got to do better in Quebec. We can't win [nationally] without that."

Liberal MP John McCallum (Markham-Unionville, Ont.), meanwhile, who was recently quoted in Maclean's magazine saying if the Liberals don't make any progress in Quebec they won't be in government until the 22nd century, emphasized last week that the key to forming the government after the next election for the Liberals is to become relevant again in Quebec where they were reduced to 13 seats in the last election.
Right from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

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