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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Even in opposition they can't resist leaking 
(en francais)

Too funny! A leaked story from caucus about a Liberal leaking from caucus.

The Marx Brothers couldn't do any better.

Broadcast news

Gathered in their secret weekly caucus meeting this morning behind soundproof doors in Parliament, Liberal MPs were in for a shock as they discussed the thorny issue of how to handle Prime Minister Stephen Harper's motion to extend Canada's military mission to Afghanistan.

Ralph Goodale, the Liberal House leader, brought proceedings to halt when he interrupted to say that one of the Liberal MPs was surreptitiously using a Blackberry to pass on everything that was being said to CTV reporter Robert Fife, according to one participant. It was assumed that the information pipeline went dry at that point.

Hmmm...., I seem to remember a story about the Conservatives and banning phones/blackberries during caucus meetings.
Conservatives ban cellphones, BlackBerries in weekly caucus meetings(subscription only)

Full Story here

"What's next, X-rays and body searches. That's an indication that there's not much trust operating on the basis of their Tory team or the Conservative team...That's a bizarre way to operate a caucus. I don't think you can build trust and team spirit on the basis of suspicion," said NDP caucus chair Judy Wasylycia-Leis (Winnipeg North, Man.).

Given the nature of Ottawa, this restriction doesn't seem out of place.

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