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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Follow the money 
(en francais)

Just in case any Canadian is wondering what will happen to Canada's military if the NDP were to ever hold the balance of power in Canada's parliament, or heaven help us, become the government.

Despite their very recent conversion to supporting the Canadian military, never forget where the NDP's true roots lie.
Breaking Rank - a citizens' review of Canada's military spending

* There should be no increase in Canada's military spending. More military spending will not increase Canadians'’ security, and the Department of National Defence can spend defence dollars more wisely.

*• Defence policy and spending are being driven by special interests. A small, well-organized and well-funded defence lobby in Canada and the United States is driving the public debate on defence spending, despite Canadian public opinion dramatically desiring the federal government to focus on social programs -– not military spending.
Now we all know the mantra of our left-wing friends is that any Canadian right-wing institutions that receive funding from the United States are part of the global Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and are in grave danger of succumbing to all things evil emanating from the United States.

What they generally fail to tell you is the amount of funding THEY receive from various left-wing foundations in the United States. Thats right, Canadian left-wing think tanks accepting dirty American money.
"Finally, I wish to acknowledge the financial support of the Grace Public Fund"
The shame.

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