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Monday, May 01, 2006

The future of the military 
(en francais)

With 9 out of 10 Liberal leadership candidates advocating a return to left of centre politics for the Liberal party I thought it might be interesting to see how the military would fare with a left leaning Liberal minority government supported by the NDP.

One good place to start looking for answers is the NDP's favourite left wing think tank, the Polaris Institute.

Never Enough - October 2005 (.pdf)

Breaking Rank - December 2002 (.pdf)

If you read both reports, many of the themes and recommendations will sound very familiar. They should, you hear them espoused by most of the NDP caucus on a regular basis.

The NDP's new interest in the military masks the fact that they have their own hidden agenda that they wish to keep out of the Canadian public eye at this time. Should the military fall from the spotlight in Canadian affairs there is not much doubt we would see a return of the NDP calling for re-investement of military dollars for the social good of all Canadians.

All the more reason for those of us who support the military to ensure that our forces continue to receive the attention and respect that they deserve.

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