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Sunday, May 21, 2006

NDP reverting true to form 
(en francais)

The Afghanistan debate not only threw a bit of a wrench into the Liberal party's 'shifting sand' stance on the military, it cleary defined the NDP.

Given the chance, our military would be reduced to Boy Scouts with pea shooters faster than you can say 'social program spending'.

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NDP want to give peace a chance
Yes. We heard unequivocally from New Democrats that our Armed Forces should not be used for peacemaking (because heaven forbid our soldiers use their weapons!).

They should instead be peacekeeping -- that gentler, far worthier task.

In short, the NDP wants our troops wearing blue UN berets, not camouflaged Kevlar helmets. In today's context, this would mean moving our troops out of Kandahar and into Darfur, as they advocate.

This fresh NDP position demands a new foreign policy for Canada. Jack Layton and Dawn Black are proclaiming -- let our country be a light unto the world; let Canada lead and not follow; let us take our own path, one that builds on our strength (peacekeeping) and reflects to the world the values and principles that define us nationally (the pursuit of peace).

Wrong and foolish

It's wrong and foolish for Canadian to think we are better than others, especially the Americans. And making our soldiers exclusively peacekeepers is an insult to our past deeds and present capacities. It will decrease, not enhance our standing in the world. Unfortunately, this delusional initiative put forward by the NDP has a sturdy following among the liberally minded Liberals of Canada.

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