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Friday, May 12, 2006

When we're done, not a minute sooner 
(en francais)

Anyone who's focused on what our exit strategy from Afghanistan should be needs to run, not walk on over to the Torch and take a few minutes to read Babbling Brooks' excellent post.
One simple answer in a sea of complicated questions

When it comes to Afghanistan, our exit strategy should be this: we'll leave when the democratically elected government of Afghanistan asks us to, and not before. As long as there's more work to be done in the country by foreign troops, Canadians should be helping to do it.

It seems to me that asking when we'll leave Afghanistan is like asking a paramedic when she's planning to stop performing CPR on a heart-attack victim just clinging to life. Don't be surprised when she snaps at you with annoyance: when the patient no longer needs my help to live - now bugger off and let me do my job
The sooner we move this discussion out of the realm of political rhetoric into reality, the better.

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