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Friday, August 19, 2005

CPC Communications - we've still got a lot to learn 
(en francais)


It's not always media bias that causes the CPC problems, it's called Rapid Response, availability and professional competence.

Following up from yesterday's post about International Trade Minister Jim Peterson's major gaffe yesterday here in Windsor. (Note: other than a potential new $300 million dollar paint shop by Chrysler, there is no single bigger issue in Windsor than the border. Decisions being made today, or not made, will affect Windsor, the province and the country for decades to come)

Here is an article from the Windsor Star:
Border woes? Not here
Problems solved, 'delighted' trade minister says; Francis disagrees

Brian Cross
Windsor Star
August 19, 2005

KINGSVILLE - Canada's trade minister is returning to Ottawa with a good news message about the border that is already being disputed by Windsor's mayor.
My issue isn't really with the Windsor Star article, as their deadline is 9pm, although it was certainly feasible for us to respond under that deadline.

AM800 CKLW, a CHUM station began their coverage this morning at 5am.

* Leading off with the Mayor and two local NDP MPs, repeated every half hour, the roasting of Minister Peterson began.

* Later in the day local CAW 444 President Ken Lewenza was added to the mix.

* The afternoon call in show featured Liberal Senator Colin Kenney,

* Following Senator Kenney, an interview with a furiously back-tracking Minister Peterson.

* Coverage continued the rest of the evening until 10pm local news signoff, with Ken Lewenza leading and a half-hearted response from Peterson

Icing on the cake - American Ambassador David Wilkins was in Windsor yesterday:

Border flow key, ambassador says
Wilkins balances trade, security concerns

Brian Cross
Windsor Star
Friday, August 19, 2005
The new U.S. Ambassador to Canada "listened and learned" on Thursday about Windsor's need for a smooth-flowing border

Just to add insult to injury, the main editorial today was on the border. It's subscriber only, but here's a taste:

We sense no real will to fix the border. Too often, the discussion focuses on the agendas of those who stand to profit from a new border crossing. There are also various special interests on both sides of the border attempting to undermine the process of doing what's best.

However, the real issue is quickly building a new border crossing that will ensure the vibrancy of the economic relationship our countries share. Today, as the Ontario Chamber of Commerce has pointed out, border delays cost our economies a staggering $13.6 billion a year. That's unacceptable.

More than any other community, Windsor's residents are bearing the brunt of an outdated border in terms of pollution and traffic congestion. The bottom line for us is that no solution can further exacerbate these problems; it must solve them.

The current process to select a new crossing isn't working. The binational committee - initiated by senior governments on both sides of the border prior to 9-11 -- has evolved into a bureaucratic, make-work project. Under the current regime, it seems unlikely a new crossing is even in the cards for another 15 years, maybe longer.
Anybody else notice what's missing from all this coverage? The Conservative Party of Canada.

We had a Senior Party critic in town last night, along with the local CPC MP for Essex.

Comment, press release, interview?

Nada, zip, zero - bupkuss.

Nice little piece on their fundraiser last night.
Day predicts Tory gains in Windsor
Foreign affairs critic slams NDP
(subsciber only)

Stale and not on the subject.

Give the local radio station credit, when queried about the lack of Conservative response they informed me that they attempted to contact the local CPC MPs office and cell phone all afternoon. Unfortunately, being Friday, nobody works in the afternoon.

If we expect to defeat the Liberals in the next election, we not only need to meet their level of performance, we need to exceed them in every capacity.

Can't blame media bias for this - we never showed up to get in the game.


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