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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The price you pay for not voting Liberal 
(en francais)

Posted on: Thursday, August 18 @ 15:26:40 EDT
Canada's Minister for International Trade says the Windsor-Detroit border is not in a crisis situation anymore. Minister Jim Peterson met with 40 local business leaders in a roundtable discussion this morning. Peterson says he heard from the business leaders that the border crossing is not a huge problem anymore but there is still a sense of urgency to find a new border crossing.
The Minister visits Kingsville, holds a closed door meeting with 40 'select' business people and is able to declare that there is no problem with the Windsor-Detroit border anymore. When asked on live radio why he didn't meet with the Mayor of Windsor, he responded that the Deputy Prime Minister and Transport Minister were here in April. I guess that was supposed to be our chance for consultation with the government.

Strangely enough, the new American Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins was also in Windsor today. He seems to think the border is important enough to warrant his attention. While here he visited all three crossings, the bridge, tunnel and truck ferry. Somehow he also managed to find time to meet with the Mayor and City Council.

Posted on: Thursday, August 18 @ 15:33:00 EDT
The U.S Ambassador to Canada is in Windsor today checking on the border situation. David Wilkins has only held the job for 6 weeks, but he's travelled to 6 provinces and one territory already, trying to get a handle on issues around Canada.
Here's some suggested reading for Minister Peterson:

Canada-US Border Requirements Impede Trade and Reduce North American Competitiveness: Border Coalition’s Fourth Report Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Canada’s Land Border Crossings are Key to Canada’s Security and Prosperity.
Why the Lack of Urgency to Fix Them? What Will Happen If We Don’t?
An Interim Report by the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence June 2005

Ontario Chamber of Commerc
e - Cost of Border Delays to the United States Economy
April, 2005

Ontario Chamber of Commerce - Cost of Border Delays to Ontario May, 2004

Ontario Chamber of Commerce
- Letter to Paul Martin over Windsor-Detroit border crossing February 24, 2005

Ontario Chamber of Commerce - Letter sent to The Right Honourable Paul Martin, P.C., M.P and The Honourable Dalton McGuinty, M.P.P. re: Windsor-Detroit border and the Schwartz Report January 28, 2005

Fixing the Potholes in the North American Transportation System by Norman Bonsor

There are many, many more reports available. Minister Peterson needs to catch up on his reading - quickly.

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