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Monday, January 16, 2006

Scandal #178 - Technology Partnerships Canada 
(en francais)

200 Bloggers - 200 Scandals

While Parliament was still in session, Techology Partnerships Canada (TPC) was at the centre of a lot of activity. The Dingwall affair flowed from his activities as an un-registered lobbyist for a company seeking TPC funds, as well as another company that paid him an illegal contingency fee. Below is a summary of many of the related issues surrounding TPC that I first posted back in June of 2005. With the Liberals sitting on the results of over 40 audits and trying to rename and relaunch the program in the final months of Parliament, TPC remains one of the biggest unanswered questions of the last session.

Following the post in Part I, I decided what I had read was unsettling and begged further research. I am currently working with public information available from the TPC website and using the Elections Canada contribution database. Feel free to pitch in and help with ideas, suggestions or a bit of research. If you'd like to help, drop me a line at bluebloggingsoapbox@gmail.com

Part I - I like to get ahead on things

Part II - Slight of hand?

Part III - Donations are good.


Part IV - and the winner is...

Update - from Bill @ Strongworld
Bill does some digging on Zenon, some familiar names attached to the company. Maurice Strong ring any bells?

Update from Bill @ Strongworld

CPC Press Release from MP James Rajotte
Corporate Welfare Plan Fails on All Counts

from Bill @ Strongworld
Liberal friendly TPC recipient: Aeterna Labs Inc.

from Bill @ Strongworld
Liberal friendly TPC recipient: BioChem Pharma

from Bill @ Strongworld
Liberal Friendly TPC recipient: SNC Lavalin Control Systems

TPC Program Update - The Gravy Train Rolls On

TPC Program Fraud - What does it take?

TPC Gravy Train Rolls on

Audit of $2.9 billion TPC program expands

Here we go again, is anyone suprised?

Adscam the sequel?

Technology Partnership Canada being phased out -- before the scaandal happens


Adscam - part deux!!

Liberals TPC Smokescreen

Liberals TPC Smokescreen Pt II

Technology Partnership Canada investigation nabs David Dingwall

TPC - Name that Scandal

Fundraising for Dummies

Sources/Research Tools/Inspiration

Unofficial Canadian Political Contributions Search Tool (Ver: alpha 0.61 - April 27, 2005)
Created and hosted by Andrew Anderson @ Boundy by Gravity

Technology Partnerships Canada - website. This is where I found all the yearly reports, audits and evaluations.

Susan Riley - Ottawa Citizen columnist - Susan's article that I read in the Windsor Star is what got me started on this.

Google - what would we do without it?

Auditor General of Canada - website. Hours and hours of fun reading here. Almost depressing when you realize that successive Auditor General's have been making the same recommendations for years.

Blogging Tories - a not so suprisingly diverse group of men and women dedicated to the Conservative cause.

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