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Sunday, April 16, 2006

'Devotion to mission' 
(en francais)

There are many sides to the debate of embedded journalists. Personally, I'm in favour of them, especially for Canada. After decades of neglect the Canadian military is once again gaining the respect it deserves. Embedded journalism is one of the avenues to highlighting aspects of the military unknown to most.
From CTV's Lisa LaFlamme, in a report for W5:
"I would do it again because I think there is an undertold story here. We report on the military, we report on the Department of National Defence in Ottawa, Canada's role in peacekeeping. But we don't tell the story of these guys and their devotion to the mission," she said.
Take an hour and watch Lisa LaFlamme's W5 report
Outside the wire

CTV's Lisa LaFlamme spends 12 days outside the wire with Canadian troops on their first mission into Taliban territory in Afghanistan.
* W-FIVE: Outside the Wire, part one 11:28

* W-FIVE: Outside the Wire, part two 8:25

* W-Five extended interview: Lisa LaFlamme with Lt. Col. Ian Hope 14:59

* W-Five extended footage: Lt. Col. Ian Hope speaks to his troops 11:05

* W-Five extended interview: Lisa LaFlamme with Pte. Christi Laidlaw 13:01

* W-Five extended interview: Capt. Marty Dupuis, in charge of LAV 5:19

* W-Five extended interview: Master Cpl. Tom Cole describes an attack 5:36

* W-Five extended interview: Karim Ola on the military presence 3:15

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