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Monday, May 22, 2006

Different Strokes 
(en francais)

Because it's all the Conservative's fault
And for a government supposedly committed to rewarding those Canadians who play by the rules, some of the problems seem relatively simple to fix:

Comparing apples and lemons
The Liberals blundered over the helicopter purchase by the Mulroney government, which the Chretien Liberals made an election promise to renege on. They did. Costing us billions in the lost contract and then billions more in replacing the helicopters. Now the Harpocrite government has done the same thing with the canceling the Liberal Governments Environmental programs.

Rob Moore, a psychic failure
Mr. Speaker, on Monday the United Nations will release a report on Canada's human rights record.
What has the government done to conform with the recommendations that will be made on Monday

Because only men shoot guns

It is used to take guns away from violent criminals, the mentally unstable or men who threaten women before they shoot.

George Bush wears pants, Stephen Harper wears pants...
I suppose if the prime minister has pancakes in the morning he will be eating a "Bush-style breakfast" and questions will be put in the House. And if he uses Aunt Jemima syrup (instead of the maple sort) he will be accused, not only of "American-style sweetening", but also of racism.

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