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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Follow the money 
(en francais)

The Pembina Institute is an independent, not-for-profit environmental policy research and education organization.

In the interests of a greater understanding by all Canadians, let's take a look at some of Pembina's reports and see just who's funding them.

A Quick Start Energy Efficiency Strategy for Ontario (.pdf file)
Oak Foundation USA
511 Congress Street, Suite 800
Portland, ME 04101
Environment: (Climate change North America; conservation of the marine environment – Alaska)

Oil Sands Fever: The Environmental Implications of Canada's Oil Sands Rush (.pdf file)
Oak Foundation USA
511 Congress Street, Suite 800
Portland, ME 04101
Environment: (Climate change North America; conservation of the marine environment – Alaska)

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
2121 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Of course, we all know just how dirty American money is when it comes to funding something in Canada. This must be some sort of Bush conspiracy to defame the left wing in Canada.

At least the next report is all Canadian in it's funding.

Troubled Water, Troubling Trends (.pdf file)
Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

Environment Canada
When we have universities that are begging for more research money, why does the government continue to fund these "independent" organizations. Cut the middle man out and either start providing the research money directly to universities or conduct the research using the Public Service.

In the last ten years while the previous Liberal government was extolling the virtues of Kyoto and patting themselves on the back as caring about the environment, just how much money were they spending on research?

This seems to be a recurring pattern. We've spent a lot of time funding independent organizations and advocacy groups while simultaneously doing nothing.

Did we just realize this year that we need to reduce our emissions by 35% or has the government known all along and used their funding power to keep various organizations fat and happy?

Note: in order to help organize myself a little better, "Follow the Money" will become a regular Tuesday feature. This way I can do the appropriate research ahead of time, when I have the time. Feel free to email me any links, suggestions or information for future posts.

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