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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Glass half empy or half full 
(en francais)

Since the local Windsor Star has an aversion to printing anything in it's pages that might be even remotely critical of our current Mayor Eddie Francis, I'm posting my Letter to the Editor submitted this morning. I usually get just about every letter I submit printed, with the exception of those relating to Eddie Francis.

Makes a person wonder.

Glass Half Empty or Half Full

After reading the Mayor's comments on the recent Federal Budget, I had to wonder if we watched the same event. With all the potential positives for the City of Windsor and Essex County contained in the budget, the best comment the Mayor could muster was a shot at the Conserrvative Child Care plans.

This from a Mayor with visions of a mega million dollar arena dancing in his head and a front page story of yet another business venture the City was planning. (sale of Roots clothing). How much money could the City of Windsor be investing in child care if we weren't subsidizing the Cleary to the tune of $600,000 per year, or spending $28 million dollars to play at being a developer.

I have to wonder if the Mayor even noticed the reduction in excise tax for vinters and small brewers. I'm sure Walkerville Brewery and the numerous Essex County wineries are appreciative of the tax relief that will help them become more competitive. How about the University of Windsor's share of the $360 million post secondary infrastructure funding? The Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit and Apprenticeship Inventive Grant would certainly seem to be a benefit for this area.

I realize Conservative bashing is a long accepted sport in this area, but not really advisable for a Mayor seeking a billion dollar plus border investment from the Federal government.
Rant complete.

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