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Monday, May 01, 2006

Liberal Leadership Website Review - Update 5 
(en francais)

Martha Hall Findlay
One item previously unnoticed in my initial review of this website was it's use of a Content Management System (CMS). The site's urls should have given me a clue, but it just didn't register for me at first. After reviewing all the sites Sunday evening for changes, the unique urls seemed to jump out at me. A quick peek at the source code reveals pavliks.wcm., a CMS by a Barrie area company. This makes the unsecure donation page utilizing email to transmit Credit Card information all the stranger. Pavlik offers eCommerce solutions as part of their services. I've sent an email to the address posted on the site as well as a message through the site's contact page (25th of April). Dan Cook made mention of the page in his Saturday Blog Stroll. There must be at least one Liberal out there that can contact Martha Hall Findlay's team and arrange for this situation to be fixed.

Ken Dryden
Looks like the team has pulled the site into the shop for some work. The placeholder page is back up again. Will keep an eye out for developments.

Gerard Kennedy
Share the Message on the top toolbar now contains a volunteer kit. (.pdf)
Now that the 'Breaking News' scroll has gone "live", I'm even more convinced of this feature's waste of both time and valuable front page space. It's 7am Monday morning and already one of the items would be considered stale as far a 'breaking' news goes. The Quebec item seems to want to link to something, but doesn't. (try mousing over it). The other two items are meaningless blurbs scrolling across the screen in a constant distraction, fighting for your attention with the large flash screen below it. Unless the candidate or a member of his team is going to break something every day or the web team is going to be posting hourly updates to the site, save the 'Breaking News' for the next election night.

I couldn't find any changes in the other candidates websites, including any fresh content for that matter.

One other interesting site to note in Leadership related content is Liberal Leadership Odds by Cerebus. A nice simple Wordpress install with a discussion forum. He's already helping various campaigns out by identifying Liberal blogs and which candidate they are supporting.

Kennedy currently leads with 12 followed by Ignatieff at 7, Brison at 4, Dryden and Dion at 3 and Bob Rae at 2. With 158 blogs still uncommitted, there's a lot of blogging power looking for a home. I wonder how many Liberal bloggers it takes to screw in a lightbulb start a blogroll?

If anyone notices new features coming online drop me a line at bluebloggingsoapbox@gmail.com or post a comment in any one of the Review posts.

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