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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Liberal Leadership Website Review Update 6 
(en francais)

Ken Dryden
Out from the shop, the site seems to have undergone some tweaking, but no major changes. A new entry page is up, with English/French option. Gone is the huge bilingual front page header, replaced by a huge unilingual front page header.

The 'Get Informed' and 'Get Involved' sub-menus on the right hand side of the site have been changed to a white font on red background from yellow. This helps them standout somewhat more than before.

Still no way to join the Liberal party from the Join the Liberal party page. A link takes you to the Delegate page where you then can find a link to the online membership form.

'The Issues Page' has been populated with content to complement the sub-menu.

Blog is still lifeless, with not much "Buzz" going on.

I am curious about one thing. How many people can find a way to sign up for the Liberal party within 30 seconds of visiting Ken's site? Feel free to post your results in the comments or email to bluebloggingsoapbox@gmail.com

Overall, some minor tweaking. Nothing as yet that would cause me to change the score and ranking.

Michael Ignatieff
Mi Community up to 433 members. (and this is only the ones who have registered so they can post, viewing is still available without membership). The MI team seem to be handling the debates so far in an intelligent and respectful manner, despite some of the ususal suspects. The "By Province" discussion group should be interesting to watch develop. This has the potential to be a powerful regional communicaton/organizational tool.

Some campaign's blogs are already showing signs of being stale. If you want to use a blog, then post regular content. Otherwise they're nothing more than more campaign pablum being spoonfed to visitors when someone remembers. At that point, you're better off not having a blog. Carolyn Bennett seems to be doing the best with her personal blog. Regular posts in both English and French.

The all popular "Coming Soon" link to the Liberal Party Donation page doesn't seem to be materializing on any sites.

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